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Better than steam cleaning

We use the Circular Dry Foam system, which removes 6 times more dirt than steam and carpets dry in about an hour. Steam cleaning injects gallons and gallons of hot water into the carpet under a high-pressure stream, like a firehose, forcing more dirt into the carpet than it removes. Then the dirt gets wet and turns to mud, and mud will stick to any fiberous material... it's like throwing a knit sweater into a mud puddle and trying to vacuum it clean... it just will not work...
That's why steam only removes 15% of the dirt.

Why Circular Dry Foam is better

The Circular Dry Foam system whips a small amount of liquid solution into a light and fluffy foam before it touches the carpet. The foam envelopes the entire carpet fiber from top to bottom. Then, bonds itself to the dirt inside, dislodges it from the carpet fiber's surface, and crystalizes it. Our machines brush the dirt out with 3 soft, circular brushes spinning simultaneously. We're able to remove 92% of the dirt when steam only removes 15%. And steam uses poisonous chemicals that leave a sticky residue and pull dirt off the bottom of your shoes like glue; getting your carpet dirty quicker after it's clean...
Our system is biodegradable and dissipates as if it were never there to begin with.


Our system is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

We do FREE stainguard, FREE deodorizer, FREE color brightener, FREE fabric softener, FREE spotting, FREE vacuuming, a FREE bottle of spot remover, and FREE refills every time we come.

There are no extra costs, hidden fees, or mileage charges.

Why we recommend regular cleanings

Carpets gets walked on every day... It's a diminishing asset that starts losing value THE DAY WE TAKE IT HOME...
If you put a white towel on the floor and walked on it every day (even if you vacuum EVERY DAY, or only wore socks), you can imagine how fast that white towel will get dirty...

The same amount of dirt gets into the carpet.

People need to protect their investment. Even in a recessed economy, people need to spend this extra money to protect it... otherwise you may even end up spending more money down the line buying brand new carpeting (plus the cost of removal, transportation, installation, time...)

Our Plan

Carpeting costs thousands of dollars and needs to be protected.

If you bought thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, you wouldn't leave the store without insurance... or if you bought a computer, you (usually) get a maintenance agreement. And there's no guarantee that you'll damage or lose the computer or jewelry.

But you can GUARANTEE that you'll damage the carpeting... starting the day you have it installed. You need to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

That's why our goal is to Keep Carpets Clean! With our regular service plan we can keep your carpet looking NEW!